Jake. 16:38 13/Aug/07

ah sounds wild.. pretty stupid with the invitation shit.

SYLVA! 16:41 13/Aug/07

haha is tehre a way to get invites?

Mr Fox 16:47 13/Aug/07

in the mail

me!bourne 16:51 13/Aug/07

i want it in melbourne!!

Michael Mulhall 16:51 13/Aug/07

Are they going to set up a mega ramp for us to play on?

drew 17:00 13/Aug/07

SLAM are deciding who gets invited.

Pyro_sk8a 17:24 13/Aug/07

wat time is it or is it all day?

YO PAT 22:24 13/Aug/07

i take it that means only people with covers yeah drew? i was so close too. if only el toro was in melbourne.

Zam 10:28 14/Aug/07

u rekon it'll be from all over oz
or just sydney heads?

CAPPS 11:46 14/Aug/07

imma gonna be there with my baby sister and my mum cant wait

flycat 12:11 14/Aug/07

its cool except for the invites thing, kinda like they're getting a local demo without really supporting the local skaters, if it was a comp for any1 it would be cool.

Jason Moitell 16:08 14/Aug/07


Zam 16:17 14/Aug/07

how many comps a year are there with invites only compared to open comps
this will be good for viewing

Purple Protec 16:40 14/Aug/07

Invitationals are good. You can rock up and see decent people skate rather than having to wait around for 3 hours while 11 year olds wearing oversized helmets do flyouts.

Dwayne Pipe 19:19 14/Aug/07

but everyone cheers when i do my patented fly out roast beef grab.

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