DANGER MOUSE. 21:25 03/Sep/07

yeah martin

4128 22:26 03/Sep/07

dropped or lected to leave?

could be a different story for different companies.

mikey mike 08:02 04/Sep/07

intriguing. either way, dave is one of the best and deserves the win for sure. go battlesnacks!!!

The Other Leigh 16:05 04/Sep/07

what were the results...

lenin 11:44 05/Sep/07

anyone know the results??

drew 12:30 05/Sep/07

1ST PLACE: Dave (Battle Cat) Harris $2000

2ND PACE: Lewis Marnell $1000

3RD PLACE: Jimmy Roche $750

4TH PLACE: Tom Cuthbertson $500

5TH PLACE: Tommy Fynn $250

6TH PLACE: Dean Palmer $250

Mikky 15:33 05/Sep/07

thats amazing, well done dave

syd 19:01 05/Sep/07
found this clip of the comp

ook 19:16 05/Sep/07

found this one of hawley

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ook 19:16 05/Sep/07

heres one of dane burman

ook 19:17 05/Sep/07

dean palmer

Stupid. 19:47 05/Sep/07

dean was legit

JERUONE 21:44 05/Sep/07

hahahaha "just like bastien salabanzi said 'i never miss', and then he lost all his sponsors"
is probably the funniest thing i have ever heard

ook 19:46 06/Sep/07

the most amazing thing was seeing the H back in action

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