Newidude 00:50 06/Nov/05

anyone been doing this with theres yet? put someone soo close that there nose is touching the lense bahahahahahahahahhaha
soo funny


RE: Photo

Newidude 00:51 06/Nov/05


RE: Photo

Newidude 00:52 06/Nov/05


RE: Photo

Newidude 00:52 06/Nov/05


RE: Photo

Skate Minority 01:11 06/Nov/05

bahaha! you wild cat. digi can be useful for that.

Lazarus219 18:20 06/Nov/05

haha i do it all the time,
although my cam dosent go anywhere near that wide- its still funn looknig though

Phil and Kip look the funniest

brown1e 18:27 06/Nov/05

brad your shit at taking photos...

wait wait... good...brad your good at taking photos.

KIP 19:00 06/Nov/05

wow you have given us all bad reps. Brad you sure can take your fair share of good and bad photos, and those portraits are the fine line between the good, the bad and the UGLY
my mum saw them and was speechless... POST THE ONE OF YOU BRAD

james m 20:56 06/Nov/05

haha, newcastle skaters are soooo H-A-W-T!!
phil's fs grab is so fucking gnarly!!

ben k 20:58 06/Nov/05

intense bradley

KIP 21:45 06/Nov/05

damon looks so oily, phil has seedy chin hair, also does damon. i have a big puss pimp and shano has more chins that a chinese phonebook, what more could you ask for. phil looks like a cockatoo with two sausages for lips, and bags that look like cashews

Pig. 22:42 06/Nov/05

ALl those photos look so little like the actual people
Its fucking gold
Lets see a B-rad portrait up in here!!!!!
PLUS...that backside melon and fs hurricane photo are incredible dude
THe sky is epic

Chippy the muff 22:45 06/Nov/05

Oh my god those portraits are horrific...i won't be able to sleep tonight!!!

FOG 22:45 06/Nov/05

Love the photos on the bench........good skating
& lighting ..... the bench looks absolutely perfect.

Newidude 23:08 06/Nov/05

Deleted the pic I did of myself like that on the day for obvious reasons sorry, and thats because I could.. he he

Damon Smith at a new park being built at Holmesville

RE: Photo

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