I LOVE: Philip Roth, John Steinbeck, skateboarding, science, books, playing Scrabble with my grandma and other 92 year olds, yiddishkeit, animals, fucked-up guitar noise. My debut novel will be published next year.

I HATE: Creed (the band), eating animals, the Herald-Sun, Iain Hewitson and other opponents of the St Kilda skatepark.

I play in Mission Control. The band myspace: www.myspace.com/missioncontrolmusic
My personal myspace: www.myspace.com/raphabee

I like to skate with Sam Morgan the Ginger Prince, Old Man Tim Hillier, THE POON, Renny, Leif who's got four kids, a drunk in QLD called Keegan Walker, Mike Wale, that unco Dean Palmer, Battlay, Seany, the little kids at Pooran who ride scooters, and other shredders who I can't be stuffed typing....

Damn, I can't find any skate photos on this computer. I've got some tricks in The Burbs and a couple of videos currently in progress. So look at them and throw rotten tomatoes at TV.

Drop me a line, come for a skate and then we'll get a slurpee.

shop@skateboard.com.au · 1800 034 588·