B2 Brendan Wood

Those who've crossed paths with Brendan Wood in the four years that he has been in the 'Berra know him to be a great bloke with a great attitude. A quite achiever. We shared some good sessions, we built some sketchy spots and we shared some good times. Enjoy Radelaide mate.

Top 5 Top 3's:

Fav Tricks:
1. Kickflip
2. FS Slash
3. Slappy Crooks

Fav CBR Sk8ers
1. Azza Lovelock
2. Floydos
3. Curb Pro Jim Fowlie

Fav MELB Sk8ers
1. Brighty
2. Kotterz
3. Danny Stephens

1. Bluestone 2.0
2. Fyshwick
3. Mile End Ghetto (RIP)

Fav tricks in Belco Bowl
1. Kevin Baekkel - Slob Fastplant Decker
2. Conz - Frontside / Backside Beard
3. Conz - Knee sliding halfway up the other side when he bails

Clip and Pics by the one and only Luke Brown @vagabond
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