Tim B does 3ST

Adidas skateboarding has released a new range of tech vulcanised shoes called the 3ST, and last week they celebrated by inviting a bunch of riders and friends of local shops for a wear test night. When ever i hear about an Adidas events I always jump at the chance because Adidas and the True East guys know how to put on a good time. This event was no exception, and we arrived to a trendy warehouse bar in North Melbourne which had been converted in to a skatepark for the night. The setup a nice assortment of ledges, a rail, some transition and even a kicker over a bin. Not one to skimp on the details there was also a bar and eskys stocked with complimentary beverages and a burger van to dish out dinner for attendees.

The Geelong boys arrived a bit fashionable late so everyone was already strapped into their new boots and ripping. Some local Adidas Australia skate team were also in attendance who were effortlessly tearing the ledges to bits and flying around the course. Tom Snape was casually floating tricks over the kicker to bin like it was really too easy while LP and Phil got tech on the ledge alongside.

The event runners did a display presentation of the design process with some insight into the shoes from Scott Johnson and Na-Kel Smith. The design is definitely different from you would expect to see in a traditional basic vulc shoe, but they didn't take much getting used to and the extra details on the sides should lead to a longer lasting shoe. 

Thanks again to the guys from Geelong shop and Adidas skateboarding for the opportunity.

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