Big Jim's Belco Bowl Jam Day

Words: Jim Fowlie Pics: Luke Brown

Belco Bowl Jam has had a few identity changes over the years, from a gritty dirt bag bowl jam to a corporate sponsored smorgasbord of high fives and everything in between. But unlike other long running bowl events that start with the letter "B", Belco Bowl Jam has a knack for mixing it up and morphing into its current environment, not just plodding along with the same format and riders. And it just so happens that in 2018 the old girl has found herself being run by a bin-truck driver with multiple Chicco Roll tattoos who wears footy shorts 365 days a year. And it was perfect. Well in my bias Belco beating heart they are all prefect.

The feel good story of the day would have to be the return of the Belco Bowl Moles who have been on maternity leave for the last 8 years. The ladies should be proud of the fact they were only two or three cans of Ros away from a Bad Moms 3 movie. I even heard one of Bowl Moles travelled all the way from Melbourne just to go to Cons shed, and at no point was she interested in the skating or any other form of socialising that wasn't in the form of a shed. Great effort ladies. x

For the people keeping score the skateboarding was good, it always is. R.J Barbaro won Lord Of The Bowl again with the Paris 2024 flag bearer Ethan Copeland nipping at his heels. Ethan won a bunch of other stuff though so don't feel bad for him. He's also destined to be the hero at his year six formal so he's doing alright.

Now that the skate-talk is finished if you've ever been to a Belco Bowl Jam you'd know that the after party is at the Lighthouse Bar next to the skate park. However this year was a bit different due to the fact our bin-truck driver has a life ban at the Lighty so we were forced to go deep into the belly of Belconnen where a beautiful "cash only" Oasis was waiting for us. A place where the pesky laws of smoking and drinking in designated areas do not apply. A place where an engagement party with photos of dead Grand Parents can run simultaneously with 50 drunk Bowl Jammers. This bogan utopia is called Moby Dicks, and it was the home of Canberra's best cover band (as voted by our trusty bin-truck driver). And he was right, they rocked our souls while Moby lubed us up well into the night and the Bowl Jammers left standing finished the night with a Shedy (shed party) of epic proportion. No-one died and that's all we can ask for.

Finally, just to make us feel old if Belco Bowl Jam was a human she would be 18 years old now. The poor girl has seen some disgusting antics in her days and I like to imagine her 18th birthday party would be no different. She would spew, start a fight and get locked up and we (as her parents because we created her) would have to drive down to the cop shop at 4am to bail her drunk arse out of jail while she screamed at us for ruining her life.

Not really sure where I was going with that... See you next year at her 19th you shitty parents.

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