Chima Pro 2 Wear Test

With the release of the new Chima Pro 2 Vans put on a wear test at Sydney's newest park Sydeham Green. This gave Sydney heads the opportunity to try the new shoe in Chima's old stomping ground and when arnt the Sydney crew keen for free shoes and a free feed or free anything. 

Check out the clip below to watch the crew give that mondo new bank a spanking and session the new crete well into the night under lights. Filmed and Edited by George Kousoulis Pics Cameron Markin. 

Could there ever be too many Chima's?

Is this one of those unboxings I have heard about? 

Sydney skate royalty getting a foot off.  

Red before he became all pro and shit. 

Some random local barging the session. 

Relos trying them out. 


Front bluntage

Not sure who is actually having more fun here. 

Noise not an issue at this park.

This bank is wild and has already claimed a few, not this time though. 

Can't be sure if its really him but this could be Chima. 


Swings both ways.

So now is the time to hit your local skater owned shop and get some or be lazy and buy them online  right here. · 1800 034 588·