St Kilda Mini Ramp

Filmed and Edited by Andrew Mapstone

Words by me

Disclaimer: I am a mini ramp junkie
As part of the St Kilda Festival there were gladiators, cha cha, loud music, a Hari Krishna parade, some of the unhappiest carnies i have ever interacted with and a mini ramp demo. This demo proved to me that even in the 21st century mini ramp demos can be done right and are not something that should have been left back in the late 80s.  
Mini Ramp "Demoers" included Gus, RJ, Jordan, Shanae, Mashy and more.  Mashy was a standout for me with all his usual antics including a no comply to blunt which I had not seen in the wild before.  Tommy ripped the mini as usual and even donned a helmet from the weird ye olde recreation dudes and got some tricks down.  RJ went big as usual but didn't win anything!!!! Just seems every time I have seen him skate lately he is either winning a King of Concrete event or something else....
Anyway was a fun session and props to the organisers, hopefully see it again next year.  

When Gus isn't leaning in the air he is leaning on his desk at Convic designing your new local. 

Amongst the madness is Jordan doing a back lip. 

Shanae sweeping the decks. 

RJ going big as usual. 

Be careful with the pizza Tommy you are nearly 30 it won't come off like it used to. · 1800 034 588·