Locality Skate Jam

At the end of each year, Cam from Locality Store teams up with the local council and some cool skate brands to give back to the community with a Skate Jam for the locals. The past 2 years have been at the Greensbrough park where Locality is based in the town of Greensbrough. If you have ever been to the Greensy park you will know its long over due for a update, plans are in place to give the community a new park hopefully soon, the decision was made to move to a new park this year something more user friendly the Malahang Skate Park located in West Heidelberg. 

Angus front bluntage

With loads of free product on hand from Creature, Indy, Folklore and Vans all the kids has to do was skate to win and everyone went home with something in hand! 
Youth Services were on the BBQ with Free Snags and drinks and with the Melbourne weather turning it up for the Arvo, skaters were refreshed to see the Council has also brought blocks and blocks of icey poles. 
Neihana Tonkin was there to capture the action and a big thanks to skaters who turned it up for the locals - Angus Thomas, Ben Currie, Mashy, Tommy Breaks, James Moore, Digby Luxton and Ricky Glaser. 
- Andrew Mapstone 

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