Vans Shaolin Shadows

Transit Series

Shaolin Shadows is the first installment of the Vans APAC Transit series and features Vans Hong Kong rider, Chris Bradley (@charsiufan), Vans Malaysia rider, Porock Luis (@PorockLuis), and Vans China riders, Jeremy Hu (@sk8jeremy), Hai Zai (@linsenzhen), Wang Guohua (@xiao_oji) and Dan Sonsrichai (@dudeabides_), as they embark on a train journey through the infamous Shaolin temples in Zhengzhou and onwards to Changsha, the home-city of the founding father of the People's Republic of China: Mao Zedong.


Vans APAC Skate Team 

Vans China rider - Daniel Sonsrichai (@dudeabides_)

Vans Malaysia rider - Porock Luis (@PorockLuis)

Vans China rider - Wang Guohua (@xiao_oji)

Vans Hong Kong rider - Chris Bradley (@charsiufan)

Vans China rider – Jeremy Hu (@sk8jeremy)

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