Floyd Crispy Scott Interview

You've been crowned the King of Canberra, name five Australian skateboarders who you will banish from your kingdom

Hahaha what? No way. What about Cheen Dogg? Fuck.

1. Phil Billingsby

2. Jake Phelps

3. Phil Billingsby

4. Baskwith

5. Nugget cause he dogged Kambahpalooza

Floyd clip thanks to the good blokes at Sunday Hardware

What would your pitch be to Nugget to swing him around for a big fat Kambahpalooza donation?
Well I reckon after this big ol nike shoe drops the first thing he should be doing is consulting with us to at least do a colab or at least fly us all over to have a comp at his private skate park. Come on nugget the boys want justice.

Blunt slide at DHC Pic Nathan Mollison

If Theeve trucks were going to donate $10,000 would you tattoo their logo on your dick?

Hahaha can I phone a friend? Gonna have to pass on that but I reckon I know a bloke who would be genuinely keen. Think he's still got a little bit of room left on there.

What would you get tattooed on your dick for $10,000?

Fuck man I can't say I'd ever get one. But if someone was stupid enough to put ten grand on the line and I got to choose I dunno, maybe a clown or something

Hurricane - Pic Sam Coady

How much money did the campaign to give you a middle name raise and why didn't you go through with it?

Umm I think we made about 60 bucks. Pretty sure it's about 150 to change your name. I would have done it if we made that much but it was about a month later and me and Howard were in Melbourne and no one had donated in ages and I think you have to take it out after a certain amount of time so we withdrew at the Parkview Hotel and had a lovely quiet night. Sorry to everyone who donated it still went to a good cause

What middle name did you choose?


Floyd Crispy Scott. Hopefully somebody reading this feels sorry for your unsuccessful campaigns and donates to get you what you need. There are two cages on a cliff about to plummet into the ocean. One contains all your Sydney friends and the other has all your Melbourne friends. You only have time to save one cage. Which one do you pick?

Holy shit. Well it's pretty clear I'm going to have to save my Melbourne friends. I've seen most of them swim and I wouldn't take them out to Angourie Point on a nor wester. Plus, the Sydney cage has a professional body boarder packed in there who is not only an absolute shark in the gronk tank but I've also been secretly told he know his way around your average lock.

 Getting wild Pic Dean Johnson

Coming from Canberra, a fairly ditch/DIY/ Belco orientated scene, is it sometimes overwhelming hanging out with Sammy Winter and his street wise fashion?

Yeah, I'm usually in high vis 8 days a week so seeing his street wise fashion is very overwhelming.

Now that you are riding for RVCA, do you think that you will be able to get into the infamous Gold Coast schoolies parties later on in the year or do you think that you will be toolied and kicked off the beach?

Oh it's worth a try. Schoolies is so sick bro, wish everybody knew about it. All my favourite DJ's are playing. Gonna tear Cavil Avenue up gee. Yeeewwwwwwwwww

Front board - Pic Dean Johnson

Care to elaborate on the events that occurred at the Quality Hotel in February?

Well I think it was a Thursday and the boys just got into town. They had just spent a week out at a farm getting maggot and riding dirt bikes and whatever so they seemed keen to keep those drinking vibes going plus it was also 42 degrees in CBR at the time. They picked me up and we went down to woden to have a skate. I think most people skated for about 10 minutes before realising that is was way too hot. Everyone started digging into the beers and got over woden so we went swimming at the pool. After that I think we went back to the Quality Hotel and then we hit the Hellenic Club fuck me. We had a pretty civilised dinner and a few beers were had. A few of us insisted on staying and trying some of the frozen cheap frozen cocktails that Hellenic has to offer. I think it got to about 2 or 3am when the Hellenic shuts and I guess we decided to head back. I don't really remember much of this but everyone ended up with pretty nice mullets and dyed hair and Reece, Jacko, Stipo and I jumped in the two storey lift on the way to the bottom floor and we got stuck. I think Azar found out we were stuck in there and arranged for us to get out. Thanks mate. After that I think we went back to the room and no one really slept. We went back to over to the Hellenic at about 9:30 when it opened and got some expresso martinis for breakfast then everyone started fading. There were heaps of beers left at the hotel so we went back and I guess we had some of them and then it was about lunch time. I started remembering this part very clearly because shit got so fucking WEIRD around this time, our long-time friend and all round legend EVAN got a hold of reece and found out what was going on. He came around to the hotel with a bunch of mates and brought out his little camp cooker and we started making a nice little casserole on the veranda of the Quality Hotel. Meanwhile I think andrew, burman and axel went out skating in 42 degrees Canberra heat. It got a little bit later in the afternoon and everyone started falling asleep then all of a sudden thanks to our boi Uncle Ev some pick me ups were getting passed around. A couple of the boys decided to eat them orally and others chose to go a separate route. Evan being the gentleman he is helped one of his mates out by canola spraying up his finger, sticking the depository on it and letting his mate know how much he meant to him. After that, I think I have seen it all. I don't remember much from that night but we went down to Eden the next night and not much had mellowed out. I had the pleasure of watching Sean Holland drink a bottle of vodka on the three-hour drive. That whole few days I was with those guys was insane, I reckon it took a few years off my life. Well worth it though, good times.

Can you run through what it's like to be stuck in an elevator and do you have any hot tips for managing such a situation?

It's pretty full on. You take things to the next level. Pretty sure we were only stuck in there for like 20-30 mins but we acted like it was 3 hours. One hot tip would be to not have a blind drunk reece warren with you. Thought the poor lad was gonna have a bloody meltdown he was fucking freaking, trying to rip the access panel out of the roof, I've actually got a pretty sick video of him hanging a piss in the corner while the lifts LED lights were flashing saying out of order haha.

5050 Pic Dean Johnson

Solid advice. Oh who's the guy who occasionally rocks up out the front of your balcony looking for a fight?

I haven't had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with him yet but on a few occasions we have noted a man casually rocking up to the park out the front of my apartment and having a solid boxing match with a tree. Dunno what his deal is. One morning zoolz, rhino, billy, cody and erik pulled up so we could go skate. All of a sudden this guy was trying to staunch rhino because he was skating in the carpark. He was throwing out calls like oi mate, have you had breakfast? If not I'm gonna give you a BREAKIN and egg roll. Poor rhino didn't even know what hit him.

How would you describe your skateboard style in three words?

Olympic games finalist

Over the to rope - Pic Dean Johnson

Australian company we could do without?

Onti. Lil Mikey's Love Wax is all you need

Are you related to Pink Floyd?


Blunt slide transfer in the heart of Belco - Pic Sam Coady

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