Best Fisheye setup for GH4 4K mode and BMPCC.

tweak 02:37 17/Jun/15

If anyone is interested I've been doing a lot of fiddling around with pictures and image circles and I believe I have some info that might be useful to some.

Widest Fisheye setups (no vig) -
GH4 4K - Peleng and regular speedbooster (china one is ok).
GH4 1080p - Many brand 8mm and regular speedbooster (china one is ok).
BMPCC - 4.5mm sigma f2.8 (conflicting info on this one, still yet to see if there's really vig or not, but some of my tests say there may be a small amount of vig similar to that on a VX other info says not), other option is a peleng 8mm with BMCC specific booster (It shouldn't vig), or you could take it a step further and get the BMPCC specific booster with 8mm Peleng (I'm unsure whether it will vig or not, but from my research if it does it should be a very small amount, maybe not at all).

If you actually want vig (like VX) then you can swap around these combos a bit (with the 3 different boosters) and basically get it on all the setups mentioned.

tweak 02:40 17/Jun/15

If you use GH4 in 1080 and want a super wide setup the many brand 8mm with BMCC speed booster will only show the slightest amount of vig, if you don't like vig you could probably edit it out without loosing much resolution.

tweak 02:55 17/Jun/15

Furthermore if you want a truely wide 4:3 HD setup I'm pretty sure that you could use -
4:3 video mode (uses entire height of sensor, available in new firmware)
8mm manybrand fisheye
Regular speedbooster (Lens Turbo or Metabones).

This would give a super wide 4:3 fisheye setup (as wide as you can get without vig) and would be awesome quality, not the shitty stuff that coes out of a canon when you film in 4:3 mode.

tweak 06:31 17/Jun/15

On second look I think you could even use the 8mm Peleng with regular Speed Booster in 4:3 little to no vignette, or the many brand 8mm with BMCC speed booster for similar FOV.

Fetus 22:35 12/Jul/15

hey tweak whats the speedbooster you speak of?

dean123 21:38 15/Jul/15

anyone got suggestions on a af zoom lense for a gh3?

tweak 05:13 11/Sep/15

Here's the original @Fetus -
You can get another that makes your lenses a bit wider and there's also some Chinese versions for less (mitakon, RJ).

tweak 05:15 11/Sep/15

@deaan123, depending on the quality you want the kit lenses aren't too bad. 14-140 would be an easy do it all lens for you to carry to cover everything but fisheye shots. You can also adapt almost any lens you want to MFT mount, so take your pick!

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