Outside the forums.

Bibbyphoto 22:57 02/Feb/15

So it's not like it used to be around here.
what do the film forum head waste their data on these days?
Are you looking/posting on other forums? or just trolling 4chan?

do you have blogs or look at other blogs to steal ideas, I mean get inspired from?

I'm sure this won't get much of a response but what ever.

bring back the fuji fine pix

Cheetos 11:14 03/Feb/15

Definitely not as many people posting on here as their used to be. Is there still the same amount of people viewing Drew?

Man Caveman
Man Caveman 13:44 03/Feb/15

I just got a fine pix, I'll start putting up some photos when I get stuff I like.

Yoshi... 17:17 03/Feb/15

I've been using Tumblr just for the blogging, no reblogging. Check it out

Brett.. 01:28 04/Feb/15

This guy is always posting quality stuff! ;)

chrispy 11:42 04/Feb/15

bring back rasta smurf

REDJUNT 11:49 04/Feb/15

just been slowly adding to my website

Bibbyphoto 14:50 05/Feb/15

so you guys mostly just keep up with the skating side? anyone looking at landscape or portraiture or fashion stuff? music?

tinbum 15:19 05/Feb/15

skating skating skating! lack of access to the internet means havent had much time to be able to get on here :-( but try as much as possible to lurk!

Fetus 17:49 05/Feb/15

I'm still lurking here all the time, but you're right about how much it's changed. I think the standard just got so high that everyone is getting in mags rather than posting here.

I on the other hand just got washed up... still skating all the time but when the camera is out I'm usually filming more than shooting photos.

I do get a dose of the photo side at work though. I recently took over some of the corporate stuff at Optus and have my own little studio here. Way too boring to post up here though

Elder is fucking killing it and shoots big bands and shit all the time. Plus has a regular gig at a muscle and supercar warehouse that is pretty drool-worthy

Nate Dawgs little mag was an excellent surprise, that dude looks to still be busy behind the lens. Every photo in that thing was quality

Your stuff is fucked up bibby!!! So good, you have a really distinct and consistent style. Are these jobs you get hired on or do you just have an array of stunning female friends to shoot?

Redjunt your site is real clean and pics are rad too

M-J 20:32 05/Feb/15

still here.......

Bibbyphoto 23:54 05/Feb/15

Im only cutting my teeth into a different side of photog. its a very different process to skate photos. from actually getting the shot to getting them used is a lot different. theres still sort of a team effort involved in getting shots but its way more relaxed. I wish that getting fashion work was like skating. seems like you need a gimmick to get anywhere in that world. but i feel skating will get to the same point.

I thought Id share these links.

greeny from gisborne
greeny from gisborne 04:43 06/Feb/15

i still lurk here when i can. its sad to see less posts than there used to be. i spoke with someone else about this recently and he told me to get instagram. basically hes seeing new footage etc on instagram before he sees it on here so for him, its like why bother checking here when it comes out straight away on instagram. id prefer to check here, i dont have instagram anyway. it'd be nice to have a little revival of people posting on here. getting the kids to start posting on here more, any little clips they filmed at parks or whatever or any video premieres happening. basically for australian skateboarding news this is my first and primary source of social media contact i suppose. sk8parx <3

Bibbyphoto 23:05 06/Feb/15

when i joined the forums i was what felt like the younger generation of kids picking up the media side of skating, mostly because i was to shit to get sponno bro. but wheres the next generation of kids? surely its time for new people? but with instagram i think that maybe they get insta gratification from all the kids on there and a 10k following isn't hard to get if you sell your soul to the hashtags.

ChiefBEN 03:40 09/Feb/15

hi bibs^

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