Jake Darwin

REDJUNT 05:19 14/Dec/12

dude deserves a thread

REDJUNT 05:21 14/Dec/12

holy shit

RE: Jake Darwin

Cameron M
Cameron M 09:35 14/Dec/12

I think it's Darwen* with an 'e' but I've been saying the same thing for months, dude's fucking amazing behind the lens, one of the nose creative individuals I've seen in a while.
So sick to see him making it in and getting his shit in transworld etc.

The angle of that pop shuv at st kilda beach is off its head! Takes a bit of creativity to pull off a unique angle at such a photographed spot without coming off like you're purely trying to be 'artsy'

So in summary props to Mr Darwen, killing it.

Cameron M
Cameron M 09:36 14/Dec/12

Most creative*

I know nothing of his nose... Fuckin iPhones.

RHW 09:51 14/Dec/12

pure genius. his photos are eye gasms, slam did a killer job picking him up.

RHW 09:54 14/Dec/12

REDJUNT 10:13 14/Dec/12

sorry for the wrong spelling.

this is incredible.

RE: Jake Darwin

Evanz 16:53 14/Dec/12

Agreed! He's name and shots have definitely continued to jump off the page/screen at me! Got that fresh vision that's for sure

walker94 18:12 14/Dec/12

This dude is my new 2nd fave in Aus. Yes I rank these things. Yes New Zealanders are Aussies.

Seriously though he fucking kills it, that Durrant photo doesn't do him justice though, not to say it isn't good. Hope you don't mind me posting 4 or 5 of my faves.

I almost wish this wasn't a cover because the crop really killed it. I couldn't even tell he was shooting it from underwater practically until I seen the whole thing. Great photo. He's only 19 too so age props a plenty.

RE: Jake Darwin

walker94 18:13 14/Dec/12

Best photo ever taken at St Kilda? It's up there

RE: Jake Darwin

drew 18:14 14/Dec/12

Post your ranked list

walker94 18:14 14/Dec/12

This is cool

RE: Jake Darwin

walker94 18:15 14/Dec/12


RE: Jake Darwin

walker94 18:17 14/Dec/12

I could post a bunch more

RE: Jake Darwin

walker94 18:29 14/Dec/12

Oh shit here we go...

1. Peters (sorry cuntm8)
2. Darwen
3. Moey because he's been killing it lately
4. Gourlay but only cause I haven't seen anything for a while
5. Bibby 'cause he rules MF and is they only guy doing it
Chami would be in there but he ain't in Aus so he missed out on this prestigious list unfortunately.

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