Photo Comp (Self Run)

Fudge the fame 21:58 22/May/08

Thats right, i'm running a photo comp because:

a) I'm bored
b) I like sk8parx soooo much that i think it'll be a cool idea to help out the members here with their photography,

I'll even have a prize and possibly a guest judge.

First however, we need a theme...
Post up some themes, and by tomorrow i'll have picked one.

Fudge the fame 21:59 22/May/08

post themes here, if you have any questions either post here or email

mog 22:01 22/May/08

allthought its not really sk8parx related at all, a non skate related theme would be cool for a change, see what everybody else is shooting apart from skate realated stuff. portrait, landscape, artistic, conceptual, photo essay. duno just an idea

cherrytits 22:04 22/May/08

I don't know what it would be called but best DoF shot?
Like hell focused in the foreground then the skater is blurred in the background.

Just throwing shit in.

Skate Minority 22:09 22/May/08

nah thats lame, dof is horrible.

do a best portrait or best photo essay

i am fucking awesome 22:10 22/May/08

do a best interpretation of one of bibbys photos

Noober. 22:18 22/May/08

Do a simple trick i.e best kickflip etc.

clownie 22:49 22/May/08

gnarliest rail trick

victooooorrrrrrrr 23:26 22/May/08

i'm with mog do something different
mabes architectural, landscape or portraiture

and how many entries are there per person?

Moey 23:52 22/May/08

should keep it skate related i reckon

stealth angle/comp? as if a spy photographer was shooting a skater without them knowing?

mog 23:56 22/May/08

my vote is for portraiture or photoessay if i had the choice. that way you could keep it skate related if you really wanted to. I'd say 3 portraits per person and if photo-j no more than 8 shots to tell the story/environment.

just thinking about it photo essay would be pretty hard to keep fair unless everybody had the same theme. somebody having access to somewhere restricted or a good event would make it hard for the guy in wazzle wazzle with nothing going on to "report" on as such.

Fudge the fame 08:39 23/May/08

-3 Entrys per person

-Theme will be decided upon later tonight, keep posting themes for more ideas.

good. 09:39 23/May/08

good. 09:40 23/May/08

dofz is not horrible

tomdahomie 10:30 23/May/08

best edited photo
like make it like a volcom add or sum shit ?

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