R.I.P Borgy Copers

liam yo. 3030 22:39 23/Jun/09

i was never fortunate enough to meet Borgy copers actually abit befor my time but i have heard many storys about him, and how he was an important part of the early skateboarding/punk scene in melbourne and the U.S.. i found a small post about him that can tell you abit about what he did..
if anybody new him or was maybe apart of the BadLands crew, it would be good to no a bit more about Borgy/BadLands..
R.I.P BorgyCopers

R.I.P Borgy Copers

liam yo. 3030 22:43 23/Jun/09

"Borgy was a huge part of the 70,s, 80s, and 90,s skate culture- industry and punk seen in melbourne, Borgy was an inventor in the skate industry from his early trucks that were up there with the best and purchased at melbourne surf down stairs, to his copers that no one came close to, his T rails that he could,nt get money for because the car industry used a similar attachment, in the states he designed trucks but without a green card they became other peoples property and a new company, he made his own mag wheels for his car and built a motor bike from scratch and tattoo guns which all funded his trips. The Melbourne Badlands Crew was born in the early 80,s in Collingwood and Fitzroy , which Borgy had to appoligize to Salba for Registering the name Badlands with only good intentions living at the bottom of the world. The Badlands days consisted of a shop, ramp, screen printing, foundrys, plastic extrustion, punk bands,taxt banks, conventions, beer bongs, deck pressing, coppers shuting down, strippers , QLD NSW SA crew, CUB beer vat skates, pro visits, 60 minutes, cave clan, prahan crew, chiks in green hair and torn fish nets ironing, industry partys,truck axle drilling, end of year uni, packaging rails, wall ramps, house wrecken partys to the point we werent invited anymore,everyone put in a couple a bucks and we,ll get a slab and skate the local school, we lost a few RIP. fuk we had fun on or with our Boards. . early ad slogan , Hardcore Skaters Ride Loose"

John Lennon 15:29 25/Jun/09

RIP mate. You're from Werribee?

SLAYTANIC 17:13 12/Aug/09

shit hey, RIP

braddox 00:46 18/Aug/09

RIP for sure but his second name was not copers. They were plastic things you put on your trucks. Borgy`s company made the best ones that I ever used.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 13:30 21/Aug/09

I actually took a pair of Borgy copers with me to the USA back in May. Didn't need to use em, but had em just in case.

raphabee 10:19 03/Sep/09

I remember reading all about Borgy in Skatin' Life Magazine when I was about seven years old. He was a ripper and destroyed the old bowl at Prahran. I still have some Borgy Copers from my first ever board.

So sorry to hear that he has passed away.

NIKEEEM 19:03 17/Oct/09

Token Borgy story:

In 1989 I was in a local street contest that Borgy was running and judging. I ended up getting 2nd and the prize was one (not two)of his metal Badlands riser pads. 3rd place got a tee shirt, Borgy rails and Borgy copers....I asked Borgy why 3rd place got a better prize than what I got for 2nd and he said " sorry mate, 2nd place was meant to include a set of wheels but I left them at me shop" and then he laughed at me and walked off.

I was a litle bit gutted at not geting the wheels but I couldn't help respecting the fact that he had a studded leather jacket on and drinking a VB stubbie whilst running a contest a a local church/school

Phatzo 08:33 15/Oct/14

I know I'm punting an old thread but I was looking for a pic of Borgy's 40cc chainsaw board to show a mate and was wondering if any of you guys have one?

Phatzo 18:52 09/Nov/14

Obviously not, The thing was insane, it was a schmidt stick chainsaw deck with a 40cc chainsaw motor and a direct belt drive. You had to skate off to roll start it and then open up the lawnmower throttle you held in your hand and hope it didn't fire too hard, which would put you on you arse. We calculated 80kph on a fast lap of Northcote velodrome and a theoretical 120kph if we could wind it out. Good times, Cheers

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