Back in Hospital - round three

belle. 03:54 20/May/09

Yeah, I didn't get around to telling all you that I know personally, outside of here.
But tomorrow afternoon I go back into hospital for round three of heart surgeries.
If I don't reply to your messages etc, I haven't died... I'm just back in checking out the nurses.
My cancer test results are in so I pick them up then aswell. Wish me luck! I'm scared as fuck and probably won't sleep until I get forced too.

Place your wanted order of drugs here. ;)
Me and kicks want some of those whistles that knock the life from you. They seem fun.

Anyway. I'll be in for upto three weeks, or only a few days if they say it's too gnarly to do it again already.

Have fun without me. ;)

Trogdor the Burninat 04:41 20/May/09

I don't know you but, hope all goes well for you!

DeathMoth 06:11 20/May/09

shit. good luck dude. hope all goes well

Makaveli 09:49 20/May/09

Gnarly dude. Best wishes.

M-J 10:51 20/May/09

Take care best wishes and hope the angel of good health shines upon you. MWAAAAAAAAAAAH! sending all good vibes your way sista.

Gumby&Pokey 11:09 20/May/09

HAHA!!!!! No that haha wasnt real btw.
Why is your heart so broken? Shouldve picked a good man first.
Talk to Billy Ray Cyrus he had a 'Achey Breaky Heart' He's still alive.
Stuff like that is a good sign. Almost as good as the sign for covergirls gentlemens club.
But you know... Yeah.

Get a awesome scar aswell.
Peace and Good luckies!

marburg 11:19 20/May/09

morphine plix

belle. 11:27 20/May/09

:) cheers guys.
Haha fast lane... That picture hangs above one of my surgery room beds. Gah!

Thanks gumby, you weird bastard. I'm doubting this is from a broken heart... But I like your theory. I'll choose a good man next time. ;)
I don't get a gnarly scar this time... That's for another operation. But it'll be badass. Haha
It just appeared from nowhere. No family history or anything. Then I had a stroke which put more pressure on the leaks and holes. But I'll........ Possibly (not) listen to billy rey for you anyway.

Marburg. Morphiene!? Done ;)

belle. 11:41 20/May/09


halfcab333 11:50 20/May/09

Yeah good luck
No one deserves to suffer from cancer

M-J 11:50 20/May/09

Ohh that pic is sooo cute

belle. 11:54 20/May/09

Thanks halfcab. I'm not worried about the cancer, I'm worried about the heart disease and brain clotting. I'm sure I'll start realizing shit is real in a few hours.
Thanks again :) I also made pibil for my last proper lunch. yay. :)

Gumby&Pokey 12:05 20/May/09

"wierd bastard"

How did you know my parents werent married when I was born?!?!?!?!

You do realise after this Operation your gonna be a HEARTLESS cruel person. Maybe Kanye will write a song about you... "...How could you be so heartless..." Yeah thats a good idea. I might e-mail his fan club and tell him to write a song called uhmmm... 'heartless'

Thanks for the idea =]

Libertine. 12:10 20/May/09

Good luck mate

belle. 12:23 20/May/09

Haha I'm a wise girl gumby, that's how I knew. ;)
Nah, kanye and I are real close. Best friends even! That song was written for me, gumby! How about it eh? ;)

Thanks a lot libs. :)

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