I'm still julius fro 20:17 15/Mar/07

this is the official 2007 snow thread for all snow related shananagens and banter.
dont worry i've got a good feeling about this season.

Troyboyschmroy 20:24 15/Mar/07

Snow is cold.

jaMes` 20:26 15/Mar/07

yellow snows warm :S

Rhyssa! 20:32 15/Mar/07

yee, ski trip in NZ this year, hype!

Conrad. 20:43 15/Mar/07

I can feel this turning into a good season as well

el jacko
el jacko 20:57 15/Mar/07

yeahhh im goin nz for two weeks this year then perisher for a few days sooo pumped!

Rhyssa! 21:14 15/Mar/07

yer, ill be snowborading for the first time, is it simlar to skating, like easy to pick up for sumone who skates alot?

skram 21:21 15/Mar/07

1 song from a vid I made 2 years back from a trip to whistler - Canada

bit of fun



skelator 21:22 15/Mar/07

i don't think you have wheels on a snowboard, i could be wrong

Dregs 21:24 15/Mar/07

why no msn baby?

Rhyssa! 21:32 15/Mar/07

ohh word skelator?

lewiss 21:48 15/Mar/07

haha that video was sweet skram

lewiss 21:52 15/Mar/07

that jordy's 21st video was pretty funny too

Prow 21:56 15/Mar/07

hey skram do you ride for anyone or anything like that??

your video is crazy!!!

I'm still julius fro 22:23 15/Mar/07

they are making a brand new park at baw baw right now. and its built by the guys who did the fals park the last few years witch is a very good thing! they are also buting in new snow makers and park tickets will only be $39

work in progres

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