Zepp Hayes Board Games and Computer Science

Potty2617 23:52 14/Apr/18

When Zepp Heyes isn't blowing the heads off computer characters online he is usually blowing chunks out of skateparks in Melbourne.
At 15, we happily stepped in as his legal guardians and showed the Soggybones ripper how we do things on this side of the country.
Once the plane from Melbourne hit Perth's tarmac it was all board games.

To our disbelief Zepp hadn't ever released a proper part! The timing was perfect. King Of Concrete 2018 in Busselton was only days away and the people of Perth had just been handed the keys to Scarborough skatepark, boasting one of the best bowls in Australia.

After winning King of Concrete and taking away the prize purse, Zepp extended his stay here in WA to sample more of our concrete battlegrounds. With no time to waste we decided to get busy and put out a clip at some of our favourite WA spots.

Zepp said his dad was in a band called Stiff Richards. We had a listen. It was too good. The camera came out, the sun did its thing and before it was time to send Zeppa back east we started to stack clips.

Cheers to everyone who helped. Couch surfing accommodators, Lachlan Micale for additional filming and Stiff Richards for the sick tune.

Filmed & Edited by Justin Ward

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