Lachlan Micale Clip

Potty2617 01:06 11/Mar/18

Lachlan Micale is a beast, he surfs, skates & jumps off cliffs better than anyone I know.

When we got talking about filming with him I got super excited to film some tranny skating, Lachie's bowl transfers & ideas when it comes to park blows my mind. Gaps you would never think of trying yourself become obvious hits for him. This is the second skate film I've worked on with Kyle of Airloft , & it's definitely the second of many.

With this skate part we really wanted to get across the personality of Lachlan, not just his skateboarding, hence the skitching, mullet, beer & cliff jumping. The South West is where he grew up & lives, it's his playground & we wanted to showcase that.

Big thanks to Louis Eastaugh for the title artwork & King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard for the tune.

Filmed by Matthew Bettinaglio & Kyle Bowman (@airloft)
Edited by Matthew Bettinaglio

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