Potty2617 23:45 03/Oct/17

From the streets of Queanbeyan to the big time of LA, dead are the days of getting mum to build a deck from scrap ply for Jack Fardell. FARDELL is the history of a local skater, a collection of the new and the old and the celebration of a fellow Australian’s success. From interviews with Mikey Taylor to the filming of Away Days, the SOVRN pro is unveiled in the tell-all documentary thanks to Surf Dive ‘n Ski. Music Six Dollars and Sixty Six Cents - W.I.P. Lights on the Hill - Slim Dusty Boys Light Up - Australian Crawl Australien - Sex Drive Shipping Steel - Cold Chisel Boys from the Bush - Lee Kernaghan Massive thanks to: Jack Fardell, Glen Walker, Josh Hamilton and Matt Neilsen.   

Fetus 04:12 04/Oct/17

Congrats to him for sure he's killing it... truly charges at a speed that makes me feel sick!!
Queanbeyan isn't exactly in the middle of nowhere though?!

krim 22:18 04/Oct/17

QBN is totally a part of Canberra, same way Jack is a Canberran, and Crowded House are Australian...

I was watching all his parts last night and holy shit he's been smashing em out. He's got like 5 or 6 legit parts in as many years. Ripper.

Good shit Jack. x

FoxySlipN! 20:58 08/Oct/17

Good Shit!!!!

snapper 18:39 09/Oct/17

So good to see him make it!

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