The Making of Beach Burrito Fitzroy

Potty2617 13:54 19/Apr/15

Beach Burrito is proud to present the first skate-able bowl inside a Mexican restaurant. Watch the behind the scenes clip that shows all the blood, sweat and beers that was put into the project to make this dream a reality.

Potty2617 19:09 19/Apr/15


The Making of Beach Burrito Fitzroy

fergo 20:00 19/Apr/15

so some form of "sponno me tape" esque proof to be able to skate? what ever happened to sign a waiver and its your own fault? or do they just want the "cool dudes" to set the vibe of the place and distract the punters from the shit beer and overpriced slop on a plate...please leave skateboarding alone...

kristianwild 20:27 19/Apr/15

Hahahha spot on fergo,

I get it. It's there place. But limiting who skates it to a sponno is kinda lame and way to much effort

thomasthomas 21:01 19/Apr/15

what a fucking patronising statement! it's not your local 4 - 6 ft mini. no, it's an advertising tool. It may be private, but it's also how they're getting people through the door. That really shits me

swit 21:50 19/Apr/15

who is the guy in the beanie? he rips.

Rasta mon
Rasta mon 22:16 19/Apr/15

gay as fuck. If anyone has a waiver signed, there is no legal all. Keep your shit bowl, you guys can get fucked

krim 07:40 20/Apr/15

But, it is a committed gnarly bowl that deserves respect guys.

Cheets 09:30 20/Apr/15

I do get it though. If you think from their perspective. If you ran a food joint and you had a bunch of 6 - 18 kids dropping into your bowl getting injured and crying, it would make it quite uncomfortable for those looking on and bad business.
Just get sponsored and skate it?

Insomniajosh 10:03 20/Apr/15

It's a private bowl. Everyone is invited to ask to skate, you might get knocked back. That's fair enough. It's the heaviest bowl I've ever skated (I suck by the way) I watched people like sky skilgeg and jack Kirk struggle to ride the thing. Sure they ended up ripping it but if they are struggling it puts it into perspective. You think any old punter should be able to just rock up and be able to have a crack? It's fair and reasonable.

I reckon most people having a sook would shit themselves when it's their turn to drop in!

krim 10:28 20/Apr/15

I don't have any issue with not letting the public skate it. That's a no brainer.

I love the idea of a skate panel deciding who skates it though....

TOUCHDOWN! You can skate the bowl!

RE: The Making of Beach Burrito Fitzroy

Mr Simon Ketchy
Mr Simon Ketchy 10:41 20/Apr/15

Hahaha! That is all some of the most ridiculous stuff I have read in a long time. Applications.

RE: The Making of Beach Burrito Fitzroy

Insomniajosh 10:41 20/Apr/15

I think the "skate panel" is just one or two blokes saying "yeah nah" when kooks rock up.

The Making of Beach Burrito Fitzroy

imgne_ 12:48 20/Apr/15

Bowl looks as tight as a nun's cunt!

I honestly don't blame them for not having it open to the public, keeps the novelty of riding something like that alive and for a business to invest in something different like that you'd honestly want people to come ride it who not only will shred it, but really take advantage of the opportunity to only ride it like something they know is only a once in a blue moon opportunity too...

thomasthomas 15:01 20/Apr/15

It's fine to be a private bowl that's invite only, and Duncombe's back tail shows just how tight it is. But it seems like that's the main attraction to the place, and then they're not letting you skate it. Gimmicks.

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