New VX street Clip.

Tim B.
Tim B. 16:57 01/Sep/14

VX street montage featuring:
Sakazi Omar
Simon Crowe
Ray Macken
Lakyn Heperi
Jayden Bauer
Alex Gilbert
Kobe Graf
Mitch Robertom
Bibi Bradbury
Ben Currie
Sam Atkins.

quickfix 18:01 01/Sep/14

take out the front side slip your gaaaaaamin!!!!!

Knobby 18:45 01/Sep/14

thumbs up!

Insomniajosh 14:03 02/Sep/14

You cunce are ripping

quickfix 20:23 02/Sep/14

aww your soo gay now tim b

quickfix 20:25 02/Sep/14

you should of kept it real, your gamin now

TheRealChoof 20:57 02/Sep/14

das wat u get wen u fuk wit bakerrrr

greeny from gisborne
greeny from gisborne 02:32 03/Sep/14

awwww no more ender in there! thats all good clip is still sick and a casual bs smith down a 14 is still a fucking mad crazy ender!

greeny from gisborne
greeny from gisborne 02:36 03/Sep/14

sorry for double post too but fucking loved jayden's kicky fs nosegrind. someone film a full part of that little fucker. deserves to blow up!

Tim B.
Tim B. 19:02 03/Sep/14

Cheers Greeny! Yeah, i had told Jamish i would use it in a montage and he gave me the thumbs up, but i turned out he was thinking in a couple months, i didn't realise he had more prems etc so i jumped the gun on putting it in the first edit. Happy to take it out, i'll put it in something in the future.

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