Happy LIttle Vegemite

Potty2617 15:44 18/Apr/14

Happy LIttle Vegemite

Potty2617 15:44 18/Apr/14

singha_is 17:12 18/Apr/14

So sick, available at the online shop?

Thoughts on Theeve trucks would be sweet, thanks!
Time to upgrade from my 3,4,5? Year old Ventures ha.

Potty2617 18:14 18/Apr/14

Yep available online

SB Academy 19:30 18/Apr/14

that was horrible
Who the fuck would buy that

doon 21:30 18/Apr/14

I don't even buy the real Vegemite. What the hell is gonna make me buy this

krim 21:59 18/Apr/14

Todd Webster gave me a set of Theeves years ago and I had every intention to sell them because I was an indy snob. I rode them out of guilt and I got converted. Thanks TW.

nav... 22:58 18/Apr/14

Never understood coloured or pro trucks.

tinbum 05:51 19/Apr/14

maybe because people like being individuals nav...?
or i guess hitler got it right and everyone should dress and look exactly the same as they are told?
i dunno either way i guess...

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 07:55 19/Apr/14

HaHaHa cool ad, maybe because I am old and know the tune or find it funny taking the piss / Vegemite colourway for an Aussie team rider, but it was pretty cool.

Never ridden Theve trucks, but with Indys, I don't need to change either.

And plain silver / metal finish trucks are so much more simple and go with everything - can't have a colour clash on your ride you know!!!

Cheets 09:34 19/Apr/14

1. Apply Butter to coping
2. Apply a thin layer of Duncombmite grinding and slashing action
3. Enjoy the finished product

peter_file 11:19 28/Apr/14

this vegemite colourway is awesome, chima’s pale ale thunders are also sick.

I agree with nav, pro model trucks wheels and bearings just seem unnecessary.
I guess it’s cool, but just seems weird because we didn’t grow up with it.

I had a pair of theeves once, they’re good trucks and lasted ages.
I cracked a hanger but the titianium axel still managed to holed them together without any issues on grinds. I decided to retire them rather than waiting for that inconvenient fail moment when they give out on a handrail.
I think the thieve titaniums are the most expensive trucks you can buy, but I’m not 100% sold on titanium, because it takes too long to wear in a k-groove.

I'm riding hollow indys at the moment, which work for me with slightly less weight than classic indys.

RE: Happy LIttle Vegemite

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