Payne St Pool Clip

Potty2617 07:42 17/Apr/14

Filmed & Edited by Steve Murphy
Additional filming by Nathan Tonkin
Vaughan Marks
Ken Stewart
Brett Royden
RJ Barbaro
Scott Standley
Jake Duncombe
Brodie Sellars
Steve Kelly
Tas Pappas
Special thanks to Angus Scotford, who found the pool.

Cameron M
Cameron M 08:33 17/Apr/14

Steve Murphy clips are far and few between but always worth the wait for how enjoyable they are. Good shit boys.

Nello 09:28 17/Apr/14

Awesome clip mate! Good work!

Evanz 10:38 17/Apr/14

Really enjoyed this, awesome clip Steve and all involved

shutdown 11:20 17/Apr/14

Good clip. I spent a good hour this morning trying to track down the location of this place on satellite view to no avail. Based on the clues you guys provided in the video, its on a river and is in the Boroondara region but the only Payne Streets in those suburbs I was able to find were not on Rivers. Its probably just a case of me sucking at but I cant help wondering if these wise old bowl rats have fabricated a false identity to keep the tranny hoard at bay? Does seem kinda weird that you'd name the clip after the street the pool is on and post it on the internet.

RE: Payne St Pool Clip

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 18:42 17/Apr/14

Nice clip fellas!!!

I love a good mystery too!

Nello 18:48 17/Apr/14

If you read the article in Slam you'll understand that It's better you don't know where it is.

Boon 23:46 17/Apr/14

some big conspiracies you got going there shutdown, this is sick as was the article

singha_is 17:40 18/Apr/14

lol Shutdown, good cinspiracy

Good effort as well. That would've been so hard cleaning the shit out of the pool.

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 07:49 19/Apr/14

Maybe more the thought of "PAIN" Street??

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