Cold War!

cuncefarked. 00:14 12/Nov/13

So fucking good, I just don't understand why they're releasing it like this. It kills the hype and effort putting it straight on the internet.

Homo 01:26 12/Nov/13

Yeha that's shit, I wanna watch the whole vid, not go through some epicly laterd lag bullshit

raphabee 04:43 12/Nov/13

Jamie Thomas is smart. He probably looked at the sales figures for the Deathwish video and decided....''what the heck, we'll get more views from a week-long premiere on Thrasher...then we'll sell more product and that'll beat the money we would have made from Itunes'. After all, it's fundamentally about selling boards and clothes.

Tim B.
Tim B. 09:16 12/Nov/13

Fair enough release it for free if you want to just use it to build hype but one part a day definitely drains it. Kills the whole vibe of sitting down and watching it as a full video for the first time in my opinion. Psyched to see Brass and Dane's parts

Evanz 09:39 12/Nov/13

Pretty sure it's going to be on itunes by the end of the week, and DVDs not long after... Pretty Sweet was the most popular download on itunes at one stage, as if you don't want that paper.

shutdown 13:54 12/Nov/13

Whole vid is up on iTunes.. Downloading now..

HAL 14:55 12/Nov/13

I'm just waiting for cold war and road less traveled to come out on dvd.
Don't be silly and spoil it for yourselfs on thrasher.
Are you getting these in the shop drew?

shutdown 15:15 12/Nov/13

Sick vid. Brass and Dane killed it. Tommy might be fav part, Chief held his own too with a tonk ender.

cuntm8noworries 16:16 12/Nov/13

fucking psyched brockman got first part

Black Box Dist
Black Box Dist 17:18 12/Nov/13

Come down and high five Dane & Brass

RE: Cold War!

Ferguson 18:29 12/Nov/13

what was the run time for brass' part shutdown?

cuncefarked. 19:16 12/Nov/13

Whole video is fucked up good. Hard to pick one favourite part but Brass, Tommy and Dane would be my top three. That Ed Duff guy who got a cameo spot in Cole's part is off his head.

Ferguson - Brass' part is a bit over 2 mins long, solid as fuck footage too.

Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford 20:00 12/Nov/13

Glad they released the whole video and redeemed themselves from the Thrasher premieres. Some incredible footage in there, disappointed that Rattray didn't have a full part and instead settled for yet another reinterpretation of the Predatory Bird endless line. Burman and Boserio killed it...

shit 20:36 12/Nov/13

Its so worth the 10 bucks on itunes. Its fucking good, just like the old zero videos. That gritty, quick edit gritty feel.

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