The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show

yamumsyadad 21:51 06/May/13

um that seriously sucked, after that clip of skating it went down hill super FAST

yamumsyadad 21:51 06/May/13

pretty much the only good part of the show

jr. 22:21 06/May/13

that was weird

walker94 22:28 06/May/13

Hit and wasn't the trainwreck I thought it might be. Giggled at a few things. Good to see some proper Richie footage too

skim the fat 22:35 06/May/13

Such a beautiful and unique snowflake.

flycat 05:06 07/May/13

i can see what he was tryng to do and there is some potential there but the timing and pacing was a little off -which you would expect from a first show. just cut the segments a little tighter (less is often more) and if richie can talk a little faster. content has potential but the kids wont like it but i sense that is not the point, more the point seems to be that something different is out there and thats creative and i like that

Insomniajosh 12:09 07/May/13

He is very eloquent, intelligent and charismatic. I could see him doing docos with more challenging subject matter and it being great.

He has a tough task trying to do what he is trying to achieve with the show given it's target audience.

Not terrible, not real great.

Tommy Breaks
Tommy Breaks 12:25 07/May/13


doon 14:59 07/May/13

haha wtf

lindsay lohan
lindsay lohan 18:20 07/May/13

This is by far the most embarrassing thing ive ever seen, makes me somewhat regret that i ever started skating. Every week he finds a new way to suck his own dick. Please go practice being a speed bump.

big loose hole
big loose hole 18:45 07/May/13


I guess he got what he wanted I was stupid enough to watch that rubbish

DANGER MOUSE. 18:57 07/May/13

cut that down to 6 minutes and it will have way more impact, funny as fuck mate...

marburg 19:29 07/May/13

quit trolling josh

reesm8bigproblems 19:58 07/May/13

I enjoyed that a lot more than I originally thought I would.

drew 20:05 07/May/13

I did like it

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