jakehayes 22:42 12/Mar/13!/media/65290/channel/recent/dane-burman-exclusive-video-part

Finbrah 22:48 12/Mar/13

Cannot load the media.

drew 22:57 12/Mar/13

Mad stunts

reesm8bigproblems 23:24 12/Mar/13

One of the nicest looking ghetto birds I've ever seen, Didn't expect it from him either!

^hello^ 23:31 12/Mar/13

he would be my favourite skater if he wasn't a ass hole to everyone.. need to work on his social skills and then he will sell like hot cakes.

Davo 2153
Davo 2153 23:37 12/Mar/13

^ I hear this a lot but when I met him here in Tokyo he was a very polite young man.
And a complete psycho on the board.
Now whenever I meet new skaters I drop his name almost straight away. Tell them we are mates.

Davo 2153
Davo 2153 23:39 12/Mar/13

And like him or not, that clip is insane.
And I am going to hazard a guess that it is all throw away stuff he isnt using for the Zero vid.
Ponder that for a second.

Bombzigty. 23:53 12/Mar/13

Fuck yeh Dane! Loved Fiddys FGP's too

^hello^ 00:17 13/Mar/13

of course he is going to be nice to you because your showing him around ect
i didn't say he couldn't skate.. im saying that if he had a different personalty more people would like him and would probley have been pro ages ago. but then again if he had a different personalty he probley wouldnt be the skater he is.

Charizard 00:54 13/Mar/13

If he had a different personality that clip would still be farkt.

Davo 2153
Davo 2153 01:57 13/Mar/13

^ Exactly.

MaT_RaT 06:10 13/Mar/13

Sick! Killing it Dane!

drew 09:28 13/Mar/13

Dane Skateboarder Mag Clip

big loose hole
big loose hole 09:30 13/Mar/13

killing it, can't wait for the zero part

FIG. 09:40 13/Mar/13

yeah he should be more like someone else. then he'd be pro for sure


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