HSC Major Work

Aqualung 15:09 08/Oct/11

This is an animation I made for my art major work this year. I used Flash and After Effects. Took about 5 months to make it, spent most of the time on the damn rotoscoping. Post your major works if you got em!

Mine is titled: Time is the Master

Aqualung 15:11 08/Oct/11

Aqualung 15:15 08/Oct/11

gusthegremlinmaster 16:46 08/Oct/11

that was sick dude

cuntm8noworries 17:12 08/Oct/11

that was fucken terriffic!, so hyped you used that photo of the smiling dog at the end

walker94 17:35 08/Oct/11

That was so fucking sick Adam!!! Can't begin to imagine the effort that would have needed, have no idea how the fuck you do that but I loved it!

bowlpatrol 17:56 08/Oct/11

totally mesmerising. I hope you got HD for that!

Rodos 19:42 08/Oct/11

Seriously that was brilliant!!! I fully understand how much time and effort goes into making something like that, well done!!! Im gonna post this on Facebook...

ZDL 19:56 08/Oct/11

Terrific! did you frame by frame trace the skater on photoshop? or does flash make that type of thing easier? end of "a day in the life" was a great touch also. well done

Minor Threat
Minor Threat 20:19 08/Oct/11

Fuckin amazing dude

MAX 20:34 08/Oct/11

That was so sick! the song went so well with the trippy backgrounds and shit and the the ending was radz. I took photos for mine and will hopefully one day in the near future get around to uploading it..

maaark 21:59 08/Oct/11

good stuff. well done.

j-rad, 23:29 08/Oct/11

real dope mate, that was heaps good.

shutdown 23:33 08/Oct/11

if i were ratings cheif id give that a 9/10....

I hope you fail your hsc, get bitter and angry and become a billionaire cos the system failed you. Your too good to become part of the system...

boner. 00:31 09/Oct/11

that was amazing, wow wow wow

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