todays city clip

WILD ABOUT YOU 23:33 22/Oct/05

a clip of todays city skate, a couple of other recent tricks i also added, please

alisterio 23:34 22/Oct/05

first post!!!!, this clip will be good... everyone download it! :D

blake' 23:40 22/Oct/05

dl now

alisterio 23:47 22/Oct/05

yeeesss!:D that was soooo good!!:D

hhahaha, kweig looks hilarious:D..... yay i didnt get in the way of the heelflip after all! :D... phew

heelflip was smooth as :D... but then again, so was everything in it!!! :D

blake' 23:59 22/Oct/05

fuck yeah j hills heelflip and ramez shuv flip were heaps good! (L)

MARCO. 00:02 23/Oct/05

That was sick, but Sean knows that's only cuz I got bgps (L)?

Heelflip and varial flip were sooooo good

jonathon 00:12 23/Oct/05

that was such a rad clip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blake' 00:29 23/Oct/05

i tihnk ive seen you somewhere jonathon?? r you that punk guy?

WILD ABOUT YOU 00:32 23/Oct/05


blake' 00:34 23/Oct/05

hey moopie your pretty funny

JULIUS 08:07 23/Oct/05

that was heaps good

halfcab333 09:07 23/Oct/05

woah ho ho. nice clip. too bad my sound is fucked...
such a clean variel by james. and heelflip by jhill (pfft, all his heelflips are clean/stylish).

much love to kweig, hahahaha
oh man i miss the chat about chat. good times...

J.Hill 10:09 23/Oct/05

Shake that ass girl varial flip was good.

Tristan' 10:12 23/Oct/05

That was awesome seen, your clips are getting better and better

J.Hill 10:14 23/Oct/05

Die ross u fucken villain

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