Another Shep Clip

Shep Jon 22:35 18/Oct/05

Just a short clip from today.

Its in black and white, something different. 7MB (2:03)

OFF THE NOSE 22:53 18/Oct/05

b&w made it horrible to watch

gay fag 23:41 18/Oct/05

god your a fucking **** off the nose, leave him alone i mean you didn't have to be such a **** about it

-T.L.F- 18:39 19/Oct/05

little peties bak tiz biggie was nice
yeah i didnt like black and white still awsome

mike dd 20:57 19/Oct/05

that was cool, whats the dudes name that was wearing the white shoes and black shirt and jeans

FOG 21:42 19/Oct/05

Cool man, you should buy this for your cam.

Copy + paste

ratboi 16:28 20/Oct/05

it was alright. i saw that little kid skate riverslide like last week, he rips.

Shep Jon 18:14 20/Oct/05

thankz mike dd and that was me.

yeah thankz fog for the offer but im abit short on cash at the moment, but thankz anyway.

good_fella 14:57 23/Oct/05

that was sick jon. peter and my section is done....

nick. r 17:09 23/Oct/05

that was really good, i really liked the nollie crook in that line, and that little kid has a great style for his height

tinbum 13:28 30/Oct/05

is "shep" reffering to sheparton? because they have the best park ever! EVER!

i didnt mind the BnW...

and i liked the "fin" at the end... it made it classey hehe

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