ulvie park sesh (fridge sesh)

Dix 07:55 17/Oct/05

we stole a fridge then skated it and some ppl came down to fight some1 and there was some rat crew down. oh and gregs in there 2

yo muska 08:51 17/Oct/05

erniedongo? snowpics never works for me

GG UNIT 09:37 17/Oct/05

gotta get it if gregs in there.

.Bombzigty 10:05 17/Oct/05

haha mad.
looked haps ghetto with all those bogans lurking..
greg's a tool.
and bretty is sick.

Dix 10:32 17/Oct/05

greg's a tool.

louie his the next T.K some much skills haha not.
nah his cool.

Neilson. 10:36 17/Oct/05

yeah cool clip.. ev should have smashed those bogans

rob. 11:51 17/Oct/05

gay as

Little Wing 12:32 17/Oct/05

haha mad. i have always wanted to skate house hold apliences (spelling)

mosu101 17:59 17/Oct/05

fun clip the song is mad stale

NsE InC 18:43 17/Oct/05

lol thats cool.

Pig. 18:51 17/Oct/05

HAHAH, that greg kid is MAAAAAAD BOGAN!!!!!

scott_03 19:36 26/Oct/05

"the fuck kid" hahahhaha he makes everyone one of your clips worth downloading

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