kieran reilly slam comp run

thes1 12:31 13/Oct/05

heres another clip of his comp run

Pig. 12:37 13/Oct/05

Want props?

Haha, I seen this a few days ago
Fucking hell that kid rips!

ky...le 13:42 13/Oct/05

Nice clip man , edited well ... have you got footage of any1 else?

mers 13:54 13/Oct/05

haha damn i love that child

maddog 20:21 13/Oct/05

wholey crap everyone i didnt relise it but seriously im deadset in love with bananas ay guys ay ther seiously soooooooooooo good ay i like fully just cant get enough of them ay n the best thing about banans is that they lik soooooo good 4 ya ay thes i no u lik bananas u to mers use just love the old banana

mike dd 20:43 13/Oct/05

that kids talented. some of those tricks were awesome

singha_is 23:51 13/Oct/05

i want to see other skaters like woody and chima, where u hiding the footy?

flycat 00:31 14/Oct/05


thes1 00:33 14/Oct/05

maddog is such a maddog?

heres 3 other tricks i filmed i did film others but didnt put them in.

Pig. 01:37 14/Oct/05

Rullions tricks were dope
but chimas 360?!?!
Fucking hell!1

halfcab333 07:29 14/Oct/05

the kid loves his front lips

ryan127 14:32 14/Oct/05

holy shit, that was amazing, to do those tricks is something but he had them on lock

Hate Kill Destroy 16:59 14/Oct/05

those run were bullshit! so much love

maddog 17:40 14/Oct/05

fully that kiren kid is the biggest homie ay thoose jeans r sooooo baggie n shit that kids a GANGSTA

peewee1 22:51 14/Oct/05

oh emm gee that kid fuckin rips

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