qld pool footy

J.A.K.E 16:40 06/Sep/05

holy shit! that was so good... lookd like the funnest sesh

[pog] 16:42 06/Sep/05

that was 1 asome clip drew that pool looks like fun to skate

mosu101 17:39 06/Sep/05

rad, does the pool still exist?

X the illiminator 19:39 06/Sep/05

yeah good arse crail slide

Pig. 19:49 06/Sep/05

awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!

Was that red dawg skating last?

laif's new name 20:40 06/Sep/05

this clip wont be loved by anyone under 17, i liked it though

Skate Minority 21:42 06/Sep/05

loved it drew, must talk to shep and albert. really wanna skate that!

Duncan 22:37 06/Sep/05

That thing looks fucking amazing. Those dudes did a great job of skating the shit out of it, though.

FOXA 11:32 07/Sep/05


J.A.K.E 16:12 07/Sep/05

hey laif im 13 n i loved it

quinny 17:53 08/Sep/05

hahah your 13

.JAKE. 18:55 08/Sep/05

haha ur quinton

fair dinkum 21:18 08/Sep/05

ha ha gone kids

anarchy_burger 22:30 08/Sep/05

maaaaaan, luke ripped it sooooooo good!
must remember to give him props on tuesday night

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