Kippax Mini Ramp Needs Help

Potty2617 02:17 27/Feb/18

BAD NEWS It looks like Kippax Mini will be demolished so the Shopping Centre can be extended.
GOOD NEWS There may be scope for a replacement facility. But this will only happen if the community engages with the developers and shows interest in the mini ramp and or a potential replacement. There are two ways we can do this
A. Email and ask whats happening with the mini.
B. Meet the Planner sessions THIS WEEK at Kippax Fair and ask them in person Thu 1 March at 11 to 1 and Sat 3 March at 11 to 2. This is an opportunity for us to get some fresh crete.

Kippax Mini  Ramp Needs Help

krim 09:47 28/Feb/18

Yeah Potty! The original draft ignored the mini ramp all together but stated all sports and rec facilities will be replaced and no-one from the public will be disadvantaged from the process..... We just need to keep em . honest.

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