Sydney Bowls

PIG.. 22:07 12/Feb/18

Hi Friends,
It's your fat, washed up and heavily injured associate Pig here.
After nearly 10 years off a board, I took the plunge and bought a new setup and am looking to ride it poorly around Sydney's finest, and worst concrete havens.
I think the closest bowl to me is Five Dock which is a great start, but if anyone has any other recommendations for some bowls (maybe some smaller stuff to try and relearn things) around the Sydney area, that'd be amazing.
Thanks in advance you beautiful bastards.

tinbum 23:09 12/Feb/18

no suggestions bud glad to see you post!

PIG.. 20:25 13/Feb/18

Cheers dude - long time no speak! Ended up hitting South Strathfield last night. Fun little park.

DANGERMOUSE. 03:31 14/May/18

Wollongong pig? Been a while....

skate chifley most arvos/weekends, really fun easy going bowl, come get some!

SLAYTANIC 09:10 17/Jun/18

Chifley looks good. Let me know when you keen. Iíll head down from Newy

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