The Crescent

A-BOMB 08:40 11/Jun/15

Sydney is finally getting a new park, The Crescent Skate Space. The Design Workshop is on Saturday 20 June, 2pm-4pm, at the Glebe Town Hall.

The Crescent

Insomniajosh 13:16 12/Jun/15

This is your chance Sydney. You can show up and have your say. Be well organised, take photos of spots and ideas, get sketching. Get together and share ideas and agree on solid ideas to put forth as a group.

Or you can employ the successful Shutdown strategy. This involves having a good old whine at the 11th hour and wonder why nothing happens.

fergo 16:47 12/Jun/15

or you could show up and have your say. Be well organised, take photos of spots and ideas, get sketching. Get together and share ideas and agree on solid ideas to put forth as a group and then when the design process is out of your hands and tenders and contracts are decided realise that the old washed up bowl skater dudes that work for the design and construction companies and get paid a handsome amount of money have completely ignored your collective ideas and convinced the local council that their "world class" bowl will attract "world class" skateboarders to this proposed "world class" facility...then sit back and watch these designers and construction company rad dudes post their same 5 tricks all over social media with their pre opening invite only rad dude sessions...a few weeks later watch your highly anticipated brand new local shit that the majority of people will actually skate type obstacles pushed to the side flat bar couple of hubbas generic same old regurgitated "street section" be skated while the "world class" hundreds of thousands of dollars bowl sits quietly waiting for the "world class" rad shredders to arrive...but alas they rarely if ever do...and poor old local joe is stuck with his "world class" bowl that solely attracts graffed nazi symbols and poorly scribbled bongs...and the cycle begins again...

Insomniajosh 17:07 12/Jun/15

Great attitude. I love how any positivity gets shut down. Apathy breeds disappointment.

Dontevenliftbro! 07:17 13/Jun/15

This is your chance Sydney. You can show up and have your say. Be well organised, take photos of spots and ideas, get sketching. Get together and share ideas and agree on solid ideas to put forth as a group.


This park sounds semi promising. "Skate space" sounds like it lends itself to street more than transition and I would expect something like a plaza would better suit the area. If we were talking beach-side it might be a different story but everyone needs to show up
and drown out any potential out of touch old dudes and parkour etc. Hopefully the SSA are onto this one too.
Just remember the simple things are often the best. VARIETY of Ledges, stairs, rails with THOUGHT PUT INTO RUNUP AND SPACING etc

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 07:55 13/Jun/15

fergo - just curious, but which parks are you referring to? Any, all or very specifically a park or couple of parks, etc...

I would imagine Bondi is on the top of your list, but I cannot think which others or how many others are included in this list of joy you paint for a bleak future.

pet_flies 21:11 14/Jun/15

A variety of well spaced unique obstacles is pretty much ideal. Kinda like a more intentional version of that Russell Crowe spot.

shutdown 07:59 15/Jun/15

Fergo an pet are on point. As long as insomniajosh and his sweaty pads brigade stay away we might be able to avoid a bmx haven like this being built.

The Crescent

Insomniajosh 10:56 15/Jun/15

Ha! It's not in my state so whatever. You going to show up shutdown or continue your successful hateboard lobbying campaign? It's worked wonders for the last decade. This is you, getting all sweaty on the lobby front

The Crescent

shutdown 12:28 15/Jun/15

insomniajosh, for someone who rips on ppl for spending too much time on the internet, you sure seem to be on here a helluva lot, do you even have a job? why aren't you out doing mute grabs at your local x-games training facility you helped design instead of sitting here preaching your tony robins motivation clinics and trying to come across as intelligent.

keep the try-hard internet memes from 2001 coming too, sooner or later you will learn how to internet like the young-uns...

rckdwg 13:01 15/Jun/15

you guys are amazing

Insomniajosh 13:09 15/Jun/15

Pfft. I'm bored at work on my iPad. That's why I'm lurking. At least I still skate!

Last post before I exit this silly conversation. Are you going to show up to the consultation?

drew 13:21 15/Jun/15

I think you are both great advocates for your respective causes. That said I think it's unfair to label Josh solely with a mega bowl tag. He did appear to lobby quite hard for that diy Resevoir park.

shutdown 14:22 15/Jun/15

"At least I still skate!" i've avoided bringing age into this so far but that comment floored me, how old are you again? It might not have been the intended tone but the way i read that was like some pooncy little insecure kid who just got schooled and had no comeback. I skate enough for me, i don't care what Tony Robins classifies as the weekly quota to pass a a 'real skater', i get on the board enough and learn new tricks all the time. If you want to fantasise about me being some fat fuck behind a keyboard who never rolls then thats your choice, hope it helps when your rubbing one out to those seedy dude pics you have in your collection.

And Drew, I'm no 'advocate' if insomniajosh is right about one thing (god help us), its that the last place you will see me is standing in some hall with a bunch of dudes trying to nut out the next park design. Last park I had any involvement in was Empire Park at Bar Beach, I'm family friends with the local member who heroed that park and would often talk it out with him over beers / tell him to push ahead when the locals were saying how it would attract crime etc but after seeing the pile of shit that ended up being built (aka bondi style giant bowl and afterthought street section to the side) pretty much burnt me off the idea completely. That park is 'better than nothing' but it still is a prime example of what fergo was talking about and prob one of the reasons I hate seeing this shit happen over and over again. Its pretty much a giant kick in the balls to the entire skate community and older dudes should know better.

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