St Helens Park Campbelltown

Potty2617 20:22 08/Mar/15

These guys are seeking feedback through the Campbelltown Council Youth Facebook. Yes Campbelltown Sydney.

St Helens Park Campbelltown

Potty2617 20:23 08/Mar/15

RE: St Helens Park Campbelltown

Potty2617 20:23 08/Mar/15

RE: St Helens Park Campbelltown

Sam Coady
Sam Coady 23:49 08/Mar/15

that looks fun

Dontevenliftbro! 15:32 09/Mar/15

what's with ankle height flat ledges/manual pads these days??? Because Shane Oneill and Nyjah are too good?? Man, I can find heaps of curbs and median strips out in the street but ledges/benches of decent height/challenge are actually not that easy to come by. Building low stuff at a park seems like such a waste.

pet_flies 20:41 26/Apr/15

Agree, tiny stuff is dumb.
Scale it up a knotch and its wicked.
Maybe fill in the middle with concrete because why have grass..

DANGER MOUSE. 18:37 29/Apr/15

why do they keep building parks with a fucking grass island? fill that shit up

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 22:38 29/Apr/15

^^ because the cost is too high usually for the budget, so they make a run around park that costs a lot less overall and would seem to have more lines... often not the case, but it works for them.

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 22:44 29/Apr/15

The theory is too that you can have more park users not running into each other and more obstacles this way too, rather than just have one long wide piece with things on it, they make it more narrow and get way more out of it.

If you don't think it works, tell the people that matter about it.

Most heights are usually optional too, but in a lot of parks, they try to make something for the beginners to use (and keep them off the streets / curbs / roads) but also need to make something that will work for others too, who do want more of a challenge.

If you have the budget, make something that covers everyone's needs, but if they don't have much, then you will not get half as many things in the park, or area that you might think is more needed there for your skill level or what you like to skate, eg bowl riders want more transition, street rats want more ledges, rails, stairs, etc.

Overall that design looks like it covers most things, but it could easily be amazing or the opposite when built.

Dontevenliftbro! 16:36 30/Apr/15

Architects who design parks hate single slabs. It can be about more lines but also about their "designer" ego. Sometimes it works out better and sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes the people who matter listen, sometimes they don't. It's not always a simple matter of speaking up and unfortunately passionate "lifers" don't really hold any more weight, as far as councils are concerned, than scooter kids or beginners and parents.

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