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Poga cant skate
Poga cant skate 14:58 25/Oct/13

what a weird world we live in, do the people that make these rules actually have a clue about life?

would like to see what would happen if they built a footy field and then stated you could only train there, not actually play/compete??

TimFranklin4presiden 16:46 25/Oct/13

haha good one Poga, doesnt make sense at all. In the eyes of the dumb shits that made that rule the only way that MONEY would be made was by hosting events and demos. Although the facility being open to the public is the most important thing you'd think of all people they'd recognise the potential for comps to actually bring crowds and make some money for the surrounding businesses and create some more widespread interest.
In the words of Tenacious D 'the Government totally sucks, you motherfucker'

Michael Jones 19:41 27/Oct/13


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