Lalor Park Design

Potty2617 05:09 11/Aug/12

Another new park for Melbourne?????

Lalor Park Design

Potty2617 05:09 11/Aug/12

RE: Lalor Park Design

Insomniajosh 05:53 11/Aug/12

Can anybody else guess where the collisions will occur?

imgne_ 21:36 14/Aug/12

Boring looking park

Potty2617 23:11 14/Aug/12

^ it's in Sydney sorry

Insomniajosh 16:57 16/Aug/12

All flow of the park leads to the one obstacle that people will use to gain speed. Not only uninspired just dangerous.

Chris-Farley 18:33 16/Aug/12

where's the the flow at?

Insomniajosh 09:58 17/Aug/12

Yes. *Term flow used loosely

scotty.. 13:34 04/Sep/12

kind of like a hunters hill layout

walker94 14:30 04/Sep/12

too bad its in blacktown...

Norty Q
Norty Q 15:46 04/Sep/12

blacktown probably needs it.

Tim B.
Tim B. 17:34 04/Sep/12

"exsisting playground" in dead centre of park is the real problem here. Enter 6 year olds wobbling around on BMX's and scooters snaking everyone and even younger kids thinking 1/4 pipes are just more slides at the playground

Flat Face 14:05 05/Sep/12

having been there it's actually a really nice park, the 6ft quarter isn't an issue for people gaining speed *where the hell would they go with it?* it's just for people to either use or gain speed for the euro.

The Playground.. yeah.. kids suck.. but meh, they can be scared off easily enough.

It's on the outskirts of blacktown, more kings langly/seven hills which still ain't great but the area doesn't seem too bad, not compared to rooty anyway

Fibroman 17:13 05/Sep/12

U can c this from when ur riding the train yeah? Like its inbetween 2 stations. WESTLINEEEE

Fibroman 17:15 05/Sep/12

Anyone got the exact address? Ill probably go in a week or so.

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