Croydon Skatepark consultation Wednesday

Potty2617 15:34 22/Nov/10

Croydon Skatepark consultation Wednesday

jakthewak 17:37 22/Nov/10

sweet ill be hopefully be there
itll be awesome if convics designing it

Doyle! 21:18 22/Nov/10

gonna have to check this out n they better not fuck it up with some huge bowl theres enough of them around

ChiefBEN 21:35 22/Nov/10


joshua. 17:12 24/Nov/10

Don't be bummed on a big bowl. At least it is skateable. I agree that a plaza would be better seeing as there is ringwood, box hill and knox close by.

I am more bummed on the idea that skateparks need a basketball hoop, dance area and modeling catwalk. If they are wanting to make skateparks more appealing for young people that don't use them to roll why don't they make the places more event friendly or better still provide additional funding for events.

Extreme seat areas, dance off spaces and ledges to grass like caroline springs and parts of geelong are becoming the facepalm of Australian park design.

Do they have a basketball hoop in the middle of tennis courts when they build those or catwalks partway down the footy field for the once a year failed attempt at an event for their use?

Good skateparks get used and engage young people. Lurk spaces don't

Dr Prostate
Dr Prostate 20:38 24/Nov/10

public meth dispenser.

i wear moccos
i wear moccos 08:11 25/Nov/10

Did anyone go yesterday?

joshua. 13:04 25/Nov/10

One of my colleagues did. There was mention of the "success" of the modeling catwalk of Geelong

DIGI 14:11 25/Nov/10

put a basketball ring in.
ive lived in croydon most of my life and there wasn't a ring to play at josh.
They need a shelter plus fix the drink tap

Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme 18:57 26/Nov/10

Croyden had a drink tap!?

Yolanda. 20:37 01/Dec/10

Croydon and their fuckin drink tap.

Potty2617 09:15 04/Jun/11

hHe council and designers are seeking feedback on the draft concept designs for Croydon. Check out the facebook page below and have your say.

RE: Croydon Skatepark consultation Wednesday

Hamburger 18:25 04/Jun/11

Basketball court is ok. At least it will be used.
As for the rest of it, I'm glad people are starting to realise what a fucking joke Convic designers are and this is a perfect example.
Exactly Joshua - Good skateparks engage the youth, not stupid blocks that you can't skate.....not to mention the money wasted. If councils really want youth space crap it's pretty easy to design that stuff into a skateable plaza.

joshua. 20:03 04/Jun/11

Circled areas are wasted money/space.

The big question is what is trying to be achieved? Are these spaces a place for bored youth to lurk that don't participate? The functionality of the skatepark is compromised to accommodate people that don't use skate parks.

If there is no additional funding for programs or events for the people to come that are not interested in using the space what does the council expect the lurkers to do? If there is additional funding what programs for non participants would be held there and how does that space accommodate it?

It is an expensive use of empty space that from my youth work experience will end up tagged and looking crap. What is the point? What is to be achieved?

There is a fun looking mini, 4 ledges and 2 rails. $700k I am guessing? Is that value for the skateboard community? Is the other intended purposes (whatever they are) actually going to happen?

Looks pretty to non skaters. Will turn into a underutilized haggard place in no time.

Start building inspiring skateparks. I know the youth space thing is an easy upsell to the councils but they are a crappy way to sell skateparks to non skaters that don't work in the real world.

RE: Croydon Skatepark consultation Wednesday

joshua. 20:18 06/Jun/11

I had a few ideas about what would make skateparks better for skaters and people that go to those places that don't participate. Couple of ideas

-An inbuilt PA system that was volume limited and bluetooth connected for audio so there is no vandalism/maintenance of plugs. This PA system could have a key with council that unlocks a control box that unlimited the volume and unlocks plugs for rca's, mic ect at event times

-WIFI hotspot for people to hang out and use for leisure/study

-LIGHTS! If there are safety/lurker issues have them come on 3 nights a week so everyone goes down those three nights. Safety in numbers and skaters are the best to maintain order at their parks more often than not.

Just a few ideas. I don't want to be negative without contributing something constructive. Those ideas would cost less than one of the circled dead space areas.

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