Indoor Sk8 Park Adelaide

grimazz 20:10 15/Jun/03

Hey I was thinking about opening a new indoor skate park somewhere in Adelaide and just wanted to find out if anyone is intrested in the idea.

We are currently looking at a large warehouse in the south that rivals "The Shed" at a very nice 1200 squa meters in size.

Just wanted to find out if many people are intrested in idea so we can get a indication on wether to go through with it or not.


Mark Rowe 17:40 16/Jun/03

yeah man that would be so rad i live down south an everyone wants one dude who are u do u live in adelaide.

crumble 18:17 16/Jun/03

bring it on. what are you thinking of constructing? what else besides the obvious street course?

Mark Rowe 18:19 16/Jun/03

make a 10 stair rail thats round. have tha warehouse round lonsdale way.make some fat bowls.thats my in put to this skatepark.

Uneasy Rider 19:15 16/Jun/03

Big deep, gnarley Bowls,
&/or a kidney shaped pool replica like in the post that crumble did the other day.
I know about 20 other people(at least) that would like that too, but they dont spend much time on the net, theyre usually just skating.

Uneasy Rider 19:20 16/Jun/03

Good luck with it dude!

Uneasy Rider 19:26 16/Jun/03

Oh, 1 more thing… make it BMX free! It will prolong skaters, and the park's life.

Making sure skaters are involved in the design will insure it will be a worthwhile venture, especially down south.

Mark Rowe 20:38 16/Jun/03

u got eveyones support from down south the idea sounds mad an im sure everyone will chip in.

grimazz 22:18 16/Jun/03

Since we would be leasing the land there wouldn't be able to be any bowls unforunatly. All the rails and quarters will be movable so the design can change weekly or you guys can even move them around.

Not so sure about putting in a small vert ramp as these things are really expensive and don't think they would be particualy popular. However if all you guys love them then i'll be happy to include them. Post more ideas up guys, I was intrested in a staircase rail system and am discussing it with the design teams now. I was also thinking of putting in a foam pit. This would encourage bike riders to come but its no big deal because bikers will not be allowed on the street courses anyway :P

Anyway i will soon be going around getting surveys off everyone so i hope i see you all soon!

sorry... 16:34 17/Jun/03

dont make it too dar down south, i live in Ascot park and there is no-where to skate ther:( have it like around seacliff/ marion area.

i say put in a spine those things are soo fun

Mark Rowe 18:56 17/Jun/03

well i think it would be good anywhere down south hav a nything indoors down south would be sick fun.

crumble 15:20 18/Jun/03

foam pits are fun and good for bikers. i skated an indoor skatepark in belgium (more designed for bikers) which had a wooden rhythm section finishing with a jump into a foam pit. fun to mess around into. i don't know if you could really afford to ban bikers, but you have to weigh up the damage they cause versus the money they will be paying to ride. if you are gonna ban them from the street course does this mean you will have a mini where they can ride?? i also think you should have allocated nights for bmx if you are gonna allow them. playstation in london does this.... i think the bmxers get 1 or 2 nights a week. it works to stop the biker/skater tension. playstation has a super fun low (4ft) mini which is really-really wide.... like around 40ft maybe. with the bowl thing, you could always build a wooden one, but it is gonna be expensive, and you wanna get someone who knows what they are doing, or it is gonna be a waste of time. a 6 or 7 ft spine ramp with extensions would be sick methinks.

grimazz 22:36 18/Jun/03

Yer i'm going to base all the designs on what people want, so if eeryone loves spines and mini ramps i'll chuck them in. If everyone wants a bowl then i'll see what i can do. It just comes down to what kind of skaters you guys are. I use to live in a area with lots of street courses so i was pretty much going by what we all used (which was never mini pipes or bowls). If any of you really want something then please email me at It will be concidered definatly if many are intrested, so it may help if you ask some friends and give me some figures on how people want it. I have started doing some surveys but if i don't meet you your best bet would be to ether post on here and agree/disagree with ideas so i can decide which is the best setup.

So to sum up, the skatepark will only feature items that fit in with our budget and that MOST people want. Items concidered so far are the obvious street course (quarters, rails, funbox ext) but items such as the spine, mini, foam pit will have to be particuly popular for us to concider, because put simply they are expensive(ie: have to raise entry price)

Once again thanx for all your input:P

Uneasy Rider 10:12 19/Jun/03

Once again dude. Good luck with it. I would like to see bowls &/or halfpipe. But whatever happens, its all good.
I like the designated sessions idea!

Mark Rowe 19:53 21/Jun/03

man i no so much people that want it but dont go on tha internet i told all my friends they were keen as anything down south would be good doesnt matter wat u put in there as long as it doesnt cost much,u dont have to wear heaps of pads but if ya have to wear a helmet i can live with that.just go around to skate parks an give out a patition for skaters that want it an im sure u will be pleasently suprised how much business u will get if u include bowls,rails,spines, foam pits,e.t.c.

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