San Remo Skate Park awsome new updates!!

jamal 23:00 25/Aug/09

when we got there, pretty excited toplay on the new lawn

San Remo Skate Park awsome new updates!!

OGSK 23:49 25/Aug/09

yer that was done a few months ago i was shattered when i last went there on a trip

Ultimate Russ 08:47 26/Aug/09

what would be easier:
-Filling that bowl in, or
-replacing the bins with metal ones that dont melt?

Lakyn.H 09:16 26/Aug/09


NIKEEEM 09:26 26/Aug/09

I assume the council thought it was the skaters melting bins in their own bowl and this is their way of punishing them?

"Well, if those ungreatful little skaters aren't going to look after their new skatepark, then we'll just take it away"...

Man, that makes me angry

GurooLotag 09:40 26/Aug/09

looks like shovel time...

I'm sure a few skaters, a few shovels and a few slabs can get that shit sorted.

shutdown 09:52 26/Aug/09

totally shovel time.. anyone know if they fucked the bottom up first with the bulldozer? youd hate to spend a few solid weekends to find out you just put all your effort into making a new duck pond...

pokey 10:12 26/Aug/09

that's so disappointing guys. how deep is it?

FOG 10:19 26/Aug/09

its a race track.

Ultimate Russ 10:24 26/Aug/09

this deep

RE: San Remo Skate Park awsome new updates!!

Ultimate Russ 10:31 26/Aug/09

i think the art world would be pretty devastated about that pokemon graff being buried

.SYLVA 10:45 26/Aug/09

i love nutta

drew 10:45 26/Aug/09

googled this...

Council acts on vandalism at extreme park skate bowl

Wyong Shire Council has been forced to temporarily close the skate bowl at the extreme park San Remo due to ongoing vandalism.

The skate bowl will soon be filled in for safety reasons due to extensive damage caused by fires being lit inside the bowl. Attempts to repair the damage have been thwarted by repeated acts of vandalism.

"Shortly, we will have a team moving in to temporarily fill in the skate bowl," Council's Acting Open Space and Recreation Manager Brett Sherar said.

"Council considered fencing the bowl but constant damage to the fencing in the area meant this wouldn't deter entry to the bowl.

"When changes to the park have been made the fill will be removed, the bowl repaired and reopened for use."

Council intends to review the current operations of the extreme sports park and possibly change the physical set up of the park to encourage greater use.

"We will work towards ensuring any changes to the current facilities will be aimed at high usage activities, which will give the community more ownership of the area," Mr Sherar said.

At the moment the entire site has low usage for a number of reasons including vandalism, anti social behaviour and accessibility.

"Possible improvements to the park are currently being considered and any changes to the park will be preceded by extensive community consultation," Mr Sherar said.

"This park has the potential to be a great asset for the local youth."

Media contact: Cameron Bell (02) 4350 1667

Charch Chi 10:49 26/Aug/09

never skated this bowl.
never even heared of it.
but im still pretty fuckin shattered.

drew 10:51 26/Aug/09

the date on that article was 5/1/2009

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