Mona Vale Consultation

Potty2617 17:30 23/Jan/09


Mona Vale Consultation

jackson cosh 23:37 23/Jan/09

so this is getting pretty legit? :)

Fetus 15:13 24/Jan/09

Who's going to the meeting? I'll try and make it there after work for sure.

Doesn't look like they are looking for skater ideas about the park itself, but it would be good to have some experienced skaters persepectives on what it would take to manage the facility.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 20:17 24/Jan/09

I'll try to turn up, as I spent the good part of 17 years skating the joint.

.jarrod. 20:22 27/Jan/09

fuck yeah

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 14:32 29/Jan/09

Don't think I'll make it tonight, but will contact council regarding my ideas shortly.

RE: Mona Vale Consultation

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 15:55 30/Jan/09

revised edition..

RE: Mona Vale Consultation

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