Mona Vale

t-payne 21:11 15/Dec/08

3D plan

RE: Mona Vale

t-payne 21:12 15/Dec/08

pdf files are on the council site.
i made them too small sorry.

RE: Mona Vale

t-payne 21:14 15/Dec/08


RE: Mona Vale

t-payne 21:15 15/Dec/08

bigger again

RE: Mona Vale

mosu101 22:38 15/Dec/08

retail/management building???? whats that about?

rest of the park looks great but I have to wonder if council will have park administration which could charge fees for access (mind you they might actually stop bloddy graf)

dean123 22:54 15/Dec/08

holy fuck! that looks amazing!

carw 23:15 15/Dec/08

omG five min drive from me, maes me a happy kid

gary oak 23:23 15/Dec/08

holy shit, i used to live there


sammmbraaa 23:30 15/Dec/08

wow didnt think it could get any better but theres a bball half court aswell. but seriously that looks amazing have they started building

television 23:34 15/Dec/08

fuck me dead, that looks amazing. just when i decide to move to brisbane....

carw 23:45 15/Dec/08

someone start taking photos to keep everyone updated

lom toveder 06:16 16/Dec/08

fuck that park looks so sick. have to head down there!

Fat Max 08:26 16/Dec/08


23:15 15/Dec

omG five min drive from me, maes me a happy kid

official photo updater!^

Vagabond 08:44 16/Dec/08

Damn! That's sick, when is it Canberra's turn...!

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