Kambah to be filled in!

Lagooner 22:35 30/Mar/07

Just heard today that Kambah halfpipe is to be filled in by the council. Apparently its definantly going ahead and work will begin pretty soon.
Anyone know anything about this?

Dave Pang 17:38 31/Mar/07

It had better not happen!

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 19:19 31/Mar/07


emo god 11:29 01/Apr/07


mutley 17:39 01/Apr/07

straight up gay!

any reasons?

Lagooner 21:48 01/Apr/07

councils claiming its wasting too much money to maintain, so they just wanna end it. sucks so bad, it better not go ahead

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 11:47 02/Apr/07

you had better write a letter then Dave.

Dave Pang 18:39 02/Apr/07

Inquiries started!

I will let you know what the story is!

And prompt a flood of protest if the rumur is true!

Vagabond 08:44 03/Apr/07

can't happen, it's an icon. Why does it cost anything to maintain?

drew 10:23 03/Apr/07

All that regular resurfacing, new coats of paint...

Vagabond 10:09 16/Apr/07

I have managed to speak to the local Government contact about this and he let me know that as far as he's aware there are no plans to fill Kambah in at this stage.

There isn't a skateboard association anymore for Canberra and there is no skateparks committee or anything to consult through right now, so I've asked if I could be kept in the loop for any developments. At this stage there has been some restructuring and there isn't anything on the agenda for skateparks in Canberra except upgrading the lights at Belco.

Lagooner 18:40 16/Apr/07

Thats great news Vagabond. Im still coming down this week end to skate it though

Dave Pang 20:03 14/May/07

Rumour Only Guys: - Kambah is currently safe!-

Official Feedback recieved today!
Dear Mr Pang

Thank you for your email enquiry of 2 April 2007 regarding the halfpipe skate facility located near the Kambah Adventure Playground. I apologise for the delay in responding to your enquiry.

It is good to read that this skate facility does get used. There is currently no plan to fill in this facility.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss further.


-name withheld-

Manager - Planning, Design & Research
Parks, Conservation & Lands

crumble 11:14 15/May/07

good news.

K man
K man 20:55 21/May/07

Belco getting new lights? sweet the current orange lights are not the best, all the car parks have white lights. i hope they put in lights like at the city park

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