capalaba plaza yo!

pip_brendan 21:26 05/Nov/05

Capalaba skate facility workshop

Following extensive community consultation, a design concept for a skate plaza-style facility at Capalaba, with street skating elements, stage and performance areas, spaces for young women and public art components, has been put forward by the consultants and is ready for public display and comment.

The concept is being presented at a community workshop at the Capalaba State High School in the natural science block, (enter at the third gate down from Ney Road) on Wednesday 9 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

pip_brendan 21:31 05/Nov/05

yeh we need as many skaters to turn up as possible so that the bikers(they want more bowls) dont ruin the awsome street plaza the skaters designed a few weeks ago.

if u dont know where to go or u wanna see the sketchy drawings and stuff add me on msn (look in profile for address).

FOG 21:57 05/Nov/05

Yeh, That place will be soo rad, Some Brizzy/Cleveland etc. locals should go check-it out on the night.

It will be worth I have seen the sketchy version of the design, looks soo good.......ok

Nathan J 21:58 05/Nov/05

every one support this shit

pip_brendan 22:04 05/Nov/05

yeah boi, get there!

X the illiminator 20:59 07/Nov/05

this should be in skate ( even tho its ment to be in parks ) because its moer ergent then the other crap ... ill come i dont know how to get there

BNE 10:28 08/Nov/05

Even the bikers want a street plaza! I talked to a few of them and they're over the bowl invasion as well. Everyone needs to get together on this one!

FOXA 11:17 08/Nov/05

Spaces for young women? Sounds like a good park.

_ben 16:46 08/Nov/05

i used to live up there, but sydney is the shit

hope the park goes well

Hendo__cleve 20:20 08/Nov/05

yeah get down there and support the shit, i should be down there.

pip_brendan 20:55 08/Nov/05

hey ban what bikers did u talk to?

when ever bikers talk to me about it they threaten to kick my ass because they want transition :S oh well

pip_brendan 20:58 08/Nov/05

*ben sorry :P

BNE 09:11 09/Nov/05

Hey Pip, I was talking to a guy called Luke. There's a crew out that way called 'Drain Kids'... they're all decent guys and are totally down for a street park.

pip_brendan 16:03 09/Nov/05

awww yeh i knwo of them they are cool as i used to talk to them sometimes at capalaba back in the day when i went there lots, they're "older fellas" arent they?

"the grommets" and such if u know of them are the ones that i talked to.

pip_brendan 20:59 09/Nov/05

the meeting was kinda gammin but the plans arent too bad, the bikers got up and left half way thourgh the meeting.

here's what the fellas at convic came up with, they said this isnt the final plans at all but these are the ideas they have and the type of layout they have in mind


RE: capalaba plaza yo!

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