West Albury Skate Park???

Potty 18:07 28/Sep/05

Does this place really exist? I have heard it was built a year ago and is in West Albury, if anyone has any info please let me know, Thanks

CG 09:01 29/Sep/05

Yes there is a skatepark in West Albury, apparently it is near the Private Hospital, but is in a really bad area (the person I asked about it referred to it as 'Vegemite Valley').

I asked him to take some pictures of it so I guess i'll post when I get them.

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 15:20 29/Sep/05

trust a rollerblader to refer to the "vegimite valley"

CG 15:38 29/Sep/05

fair dinkum - Feel free to re-read what I had posted. I said my friend (who resides in Albury) referred to it as Vegemite Valley.

Don't talk shit for the sake of it.

Potty 15:38 29/Sep/05

Drew is on his way to the CBR as I type, he went to "vegimite valley" and said the park is shit but the area was not that bad, but he is from Geelong. He has picked up a buddist hitch hiker, who drew is educating about the funadmental principles of skateboarding. ommm

FOXA 17:38 29/Sep/05

haha good one dinkum

NIKEEEM 09:37 30/Sep/05

Is Drew going from the G-long to Canberra on some sort of un-cultural exchange program or something?

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 09:40 30/Sep/05

Oh yes we sat up last night drink fine bourbon and philosophising about when to flick the switch.

Yeah and he brought the rain with him so no spence action.

NIKEEEM 09:57 30/Sep/05

I spent last night at the FHM magazine party drinking free piss and stalking insanley hot models all night.
I'm afraid my weekend can only go downhill from here.

LIBERTINE 13:12 30/Sep/05


tinbum 09:12 05/Oct/05

yer i live in albury...

here is the lowdown:

banks about 50 degrees straight into the ground... gumnuts or some shit everywhere, hip is decent, but no roll away...

tinbum 09:14 05/Oct/05

pic from drews thingo...

RE: West Albury Skate Park???

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