Riverina area skateparks

daniel9t9 19:33 18/Sep/05

Im from tumut, and its pretty boring, but i heard the riverina is getting a few new parks..cootamundra, gundagai etc..was wondering if anyone else knows anything about new parks getting built in the riverina ? pics of construction? i heard coota was looking decent..

mosu101 19:59 18/Sep/05

apparently the ledge where the dog sits on the tucker box is the snizzle

daniel9t9 20:16 18/Sep/05

haha....actuallytheres an bg subway/miccy's put in near here..i thinktheres meat to be somenks ad any pands ada posble wallride or sumthing..souldcheckit oe day spose

JV Spike
JV Spike 20:29 18/Sep/05

"I think there is ment to be some banks and manual pads, and a possible wallride or something..."

mosu101 20:33 18/Sep/05

there is actually a ramp and rail at maccas but it aint worth shit

daniel9t9 20:34 18/Sep/05

haha yeah ...wireless keyboards suck sometimes, good work on the translation though.
mosu101..where are you from

mosu101 09:01 19/Sep/05

Maroubra, I travel a bit with work so ive been down to the Riverina a few times

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